The Lies of The Conservative Party

9 Consecutive Years of Tory Rule

The Lies of The Conservative Party

9 Consecutive Years of Tory Rule

Dispatches Reveal That The NHS Is "On The Table" In A Trade Deal With The United States

“Drug pricing” has been discussed in six initial meetings between trade officials from the UK and US. Dispatches was also told that British trade officials have been warned that the subject is so sensitive that they must not mention “drug pricing” in emails but use the term “valuing innovation”.

Boris Johnson Claims Brexit Deal "Will Not Require Border Checks" Despite It Requiring Border Checks

Leaked Brexit paper negates PM’s Northern Ireland claims that Norther Ireland will not require border checks. In a section of the the Conservative government documents A part headed “economic impact on Northern Ireland” suggests high street goods are “likely to increase in price”, and many exporters could struggle with the costs of border checks, which will be “highly disruptive”.

Source: Guardian

Conservative Party Press Office Pretend To Be Independent Fact Checker In First ITV Leader Debate

The Tory press office – was rebranded as “factcheckUK” for Tuesday’s live TV debate involving Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. After the debate, the account reverted back to its original branding.

Fact-checking agency FullFact said in a statement: “It is inappropriate and misleading for the Conservative press office to rename their twitter account ‘factcheckUK’ during this debate.

Source: BBC News

Boris Johnson Claims Corbyn's Plan To Put Corporation Tax To 26%, Would Be "The Highest Rate In Europe."

The Corporation tax rate in France is 34.4%. In Portugal it is 31.4%. In Germany it is 29.8%. In Greece it is 26%.

Matt Hancock Says 'In Many Ways The NHS Is Performing Better Than Ever' On The Day That Stats Revealed The Service Is Experiencing Its Worst Ever Performance In A&E.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been mocked for saying that “in some ways the NHS is performing better than ever” on the day that stats revealed the service is experiencing its worst ever performance in A&E. Devastating statistics also lay bare the rising waits for operations and cancer treatment faced by thousands of patients. 

Source: Mirror

Russians Who Gave Tory Party Money Named In Secret Intelligence Report On Threats Posed To UK Democracy.

Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Conservative Party are named in a secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy which was suppressed last week by Downing Street.

Oligarchs and other wealthy Tory donors were included in the report on illicit Russian activities in Britain by the cross-party intelligence and security select committee (ISC), whose publication was blocked by No 10.

Source: Sunday Times

No 10 Refuses To Clear Release Of Report Into Russian Political Interference Before Election.

No 10 refused to clear the publication of a potentially incendiary report examining Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party.

Downing Street indicated on Monday that it would not allow a 50-page dossier from the intelligence and security committee to be published before the election, prompting a string of complaints over its suppression.

The committee’s chairman, Dominic Grieve, called the decision “jaw dropping”, saying no reason for the refusal had been given, while Labour and Scottish National party politicians accused No 10 of refusing to recognise the scale of Russian meddling.

Source: Guardian

The True Scale Of Homelessness Is Almost 10 Times Higher Than Official Figures Suggest

Thousands being ‘forgotten in statistics’ as estimated 51,500 people found to be living in temporary accommodation – compared with 5,870 recorded by government.

A report commissioned by Crisis the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimated more than 100,000 households would be living in B&Bs, hostels and other forms of temporary housing by 2020.

Source: Independent

Government Refused To Raid A Company Suspected Of Money Laundering, Citing Its Tory Donations

The British government refused to assist a French investigation into suspected money laundering and tax fraud by the UK telecoms giant Lycamobile – citing the fact that the company is the “biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party” and gives money to a trust founded by Prince Charles.

Government Knew For Years That Windrush Generation Hurt By 'Hostile Environment'

A letter from a Home Office minister dated May 2016 and obtained by the Guardian shows that the government has known for years about the impact of its “hostile environment” policy on the Windrush generation.

Source: Guardian

Brandon Lewis Claims Labour's Immigration Plan For EU Citizens Would Make Crime Rate Rise Despite Tory Government's Own Study That Shows EU Citizens Reduce Overall Crime Rate.

Conservatives have been accused of xenophobia after a minister suggested that continued free movement would bring thousands of European criminals to the UK. A group representing EU nationals said Brandon Lewis’s claim was contradicted by the government’s own expert advisers, who found that European migration has no impact on offending and migrants can even reduce the overall crime rate because they are more law-abiding than Britons.

Source: Independent

Jacob Rees-Mogg Lies Claiming Jeremy Corbyn Voted Against The Good Friday Agreement

During a live interview with presenter Jon Snow, Jacob Rees-Mogg falsely asserted that Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Good Friday agreement. 

Tory MP Ben Bradley Lies Claiming Jeremy Corbyn "Sold British Secrets To Communist Spies"

Bradley falsely accused Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter of having “sold British secrets to communist spies” during the 1980s. Bradley deleted the tweet following a legal complaint from Corbyn & subsequently issued a full apology, agreed to make a substantial donation to a charity of Corbyn’s choice and agreed to pay Corbyn’s legal costs.

Source: Independent

Boris Johnson Claims Brexit Can Deliver 'More' Than £350 Million To The NHS Every Week

Statisticians have repeatedly pointed out it is misleading to claim that is the level of Britain’s EU contribution, because it ignores a rebate and EU funding of projects in this country.

Source: Independent

Dominic Raab Claims "There Are More Beds Than Ever" In The NHS Despite There Being Less

‘We’ve got more beds than ever before’, Dominic Raab claimed. NHS figures show the number of beds available overnight has fallen by 17,000 since 2010

Source: Mirror

Sajid Javid And Theresa May Claim To Have Decreased Homelessness Despite It Increasing

Sajid Javid has been caught out claiming credit for Labour‘s performance on homelessness in a tweeted attempt to put down a critic. However, Since 2010 homelessness has steadily increased. 

Source: Independent

Conservatives Admit Failure To Declare Election Expenses

Channel 4 News has obtained further undeclared receipts showing more than £38,000 was spent accommodating activists at hotels across the country, as part of the BattleBus2015 campaign. The spending was not declared to the Electoral Commission in accordance with the law.

Government Pledges To Increase Budget For Women's Refuges But Decide To Slash Budget Instead

Women’s refuges have seen their budgets slashed by nearly a quarter over the last seven years, despite Theresa May’s pledge to boost funding for women escaping violent

Source: Independent

More People Using Food Banks In North Yorkshire "Than Were In The Workhouse' 130 Years Ago

North Yorkshire’s director of public health Dr Lincoln Sargeant draws parallels between the extreme poverty of the 19th century – which drove people to workhouses – with present day poverty.

It is estimated around 6,450 people in North Yorkshire received emergency food aid in 2018/19.

In contrast on census day, April 5 1891, there were 1,511 “pauper inmates” in the North Riding, a rate of 4.3 per 1,000 population – compared to the 10.5 per 1,000 population, which today relies on food packages.

Jeremy Hunt Falsely Claims "30,000 More Professionals" Working In Mental Health Since Government Came Into Office

When questioned by FactCheck, the Department for Health admitted that Mr Hunt’s figure includes all professionally qualified clinical NHS staff in England – not just those working in mental health.

Jeremy Hunt Ridiculed For Claiming Tories 'Set Up' The NHS

Jeremy Hunt has been ridiculed after making the “laughable” claim that the creation of the NHS was down to Tory support, despite the Conservatives voting against is passage over a dozen times in Parliament.

Source: Independent

Government Lie About The True State Of Unemployment Numbers

The official unemployment rate in the UK right now is 4.5% — a record low. But, as the ONS makes clear, that number doesn’t count part-time workers who want full-time jobs, “inactive” workers alienated from the workforce, people who retire, students, or those who work in the home. Once you wrap all those people in, the number of jobless people is actually 21.5% of the workforce, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Tory Minister Lies About Turkey Joining The EU.

Tory Minister Penny Mordaunt lies saying that Britain would not be able to veto Turkey joining the EU. The UK does in fact have a veto against any state trying to join the European Union.

Source: Independent

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