Racism In The Conservative Party

I'm Not Racist But...

Racism In The
Conservative Party

I'm Not Racist But...​

15 Islamophobic Councillors Fired And Then Quietly Reinstated

More than a dozen Conservative councillors who were suspended over posting Islamophobic or racist content online – with some describing Saudis as “sand peasants” and sharing material comparing Asian people to dogs – have had their membership quietly reinstated, a Guardian investigation has found.

Source: Guardian

Blackface Is An "Entirely Acceptable Bit Of Fun" Says Tory MP Desmond Swayne

“I once went to a Blues Brothers themed fancy-dress party as James Brown. I went to some trouble to be as authentic as possible. I can assure readers of this column that I have no intention of apologising.” 

Source: Independent

Dossier Reveals Over 100 Claims Of Islamophobia And Racism In Conservative Party

A letter from a Home Office minister dated May 2016 and obtained by the Guardian shows that the government has known for years about the impact of its “hostile environment” policy on the Windrush generation.

Government Knew For Years That Windrush Generation Hurt By 'Hostile Environment'

A letter from a Home Office minister dated May 2016 and obtained by the Guardian shows that the government has known for years about the impact of its “hostile environment” policy on the Windrush generation.

Source: Guardian

The Conservatives Backed Far-right Viktor Orbán (Hungary) To "Gain Brownie Points."

A Tory politician told The Independent: “No one will say it publicly, but it’s clear that we are going to gain brownie points with people who might be able to help us in the Brexit negotiations.”

Both the Board of Deputies of British Jews & Muslim Council of Britain have raised concerns due to Orban’s clear far-right views, antisemitism and Islamaphobia.​

Source: Independent

Tory MP Nadine Dorries Confuses Ash Sarkar With Faiza Shaheen

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has been criticised for “mixing up people of colour” after she appeared to confuse two different British-Asian women. The Tory politician tweeted a dismissive comment about Novara Media editor Ash Sarkar, alongside a video clip of the left-wing commentator discussing Venezuela on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show.

Source: Independent

Tory MP Nadine Dorries Thinks Chuka Umunna Looks Like Chris Eubank

Dorries wrote on Twitter that “Apparently I’m racist because I think Chuck Umunna looks like Chris Eubank? What would I be if I said he looked like someone who was white??”

Boris Johnson Can't Stop Calling Black People "Piccaninnies".

Pickaninny is a North American historical racial slur which refers to a dark-skinned child of African descent.

While in Uganda Johnson said ‘Right, let’s go and look at some more piccaninnies.’ – Reported speaking to Swedish Unicef workers and their black driver during a trip to Uganda in 2003

His 2002 Telegraph column included racist insults against black people, citing “regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies” in the Commonwealth and referring to “the tribal warriors… [who] all break out in watermelon smiles”.

Source: Metro

Boris Johnson Compares Muslim Women To "Bank Robbers" and Letter Boxes" And Thinks Islamophobia Is A "Natural Reaction" To Islam

Boris Johnson compared women in burqas to “letter boxes” or “bank robbers” in his Daily Telegraph column. The comments were followed by the biggest spike in anti-Muslim hatred in 2018 with monitoring group Tell Mama reporting that Islamophobic incidents rose 375%

In 2005 the former Foreign Secretary wrote that Islamophobia was a “natural reaction” to Islam.

In 2005, Johnson wrote in the Spectator that “the problem is Islam. Islam is the problem.”

Source: Guardian

A Majority Of Conservative Party Members Believe That Islam Is A Threat To The British Way Of Life

According to the poll, 54% of the Tory rank-and-file believe that Islam is “generally a threat to the British way of life”.

Some 60% think that “Islam is generally a threat to Western civilisation”, with fewer than one-in-five (17%) taking the opposite view.

The YouGov study follows polling results released last month, which found that almost half of Conservative members would not accept a Muslim as the country’s Prime Minister.

"Go Home" Vans - The Home Office Ran Advertisements On Billboard Vans Recommending Immigrants to "Go Home".

The campaign was cancelled after a public outcry with the likes of Nigel Farage saying that the vans were “nasty”.

‘Operation Vaken’, ran in the six London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, and Redbridge from 22 July to 22 August 2013, and was part of the Home Office hostile environment policy.

Source: Guardian

Tory MP Anne Marie Morris Recorded Saying Brexit No Deal Is A "Nigger In A Woodpile"

A Tory Brexiteer has described the UK leaving the EU without a deal as a “real n*****r in the woodpile” at a meeting of eurosceptics in Central London.

Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbot since 2010, made the astonishing remark while discussing what financial services deal the UK could strike with Brussels after 2019.

Tory MP Robert Dixon-Smith Also Uses Idiom "Nigger In A Woodpile".

Dixon-Smith said the phrase had “slipped out without my thinking”, and that “It was common parlance when I was younger”. He added, “I apologise, I left my brains behind”.

Source: BBC News

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