Labour vs Conservatives

A Quick Comparison
Issue Conservatives Labour
Boris Johnson's Deal with a potential "Hard Brexit".
Labour negotiated deal or Remain. The public would be able to decide via a second referendum.
Income tax giveaway helping highest earners.
Closing tax loopholes, increasing corporation tax and higher taxes for highest earners.
Sajid Javid announced extensive spending plans for the strategic roads network. i.e HS2 high-speed link.
Nationalisation. Bring private rail companies back into public ownership.
Health infrastructure plan, as many as 40 new hospitals will be built in England. The cost: £13bn, but only six hospitals will go ahead at first at a cost of £2.8bn. In 2010, the NHS was 4.9% privatised. This figure is now over 6%
Overall spending increased paid for by increased taxes on highest 5% earners. Labour will scrap prescription charges and develop a state drug company to develop cheaper medicines. Increase GP trainees by 50%.
Gas, Electric & Water
No nationalisation plans.
Labour would bring into public ownership the gas and electricity supply networks and the privatised water and sewerage companies. It has also proposed renationalising the rail operating companies and the Royal Mail.
Bolster police ranks by 20,000 additional officers. However, the Conservatives also cut 20,563 officers. The extra police officers wouldn't even replace those that were cut.
Increase Police numbers by reversing Tory cuts to capital gains tax.

On Brexit

“He is trying to sell a second-hand motor where he has polished up the bonnet but actually, underneath, nothing has changed, and it is Mrs May’s appalling surrender treaty”

– Nigel Farage

The Conservatives Brexit Plan

The deal has received harsh criticism from hard-Brexiters, unionists and those concerned about workers rights. Northern Ireland would remain partly in the single market with a  “border down the Irish Sea”. In addition, in the event that trade talks fail, the government has admitted to not being adequately prepared for a hard-brexit.

The Labour Brexit Plan

The Labour party would enter negotiations with the European Union and present their deal vs a remain option in a second referendum. Unlike the first referendum, the people of the United Kingdom will have a much better understanding as to the implications of Brexit and whether it is still the preferred option.

The Liberal Democrat Brexit Plan

The Liberal Democrat party promise to “cancel Brexit” if they get the majority. They will not get the majority. Thus, cancelling Brexit is yet another deceptive promise. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is only advised in areas that fall between Lib Dems and Conservatives.